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Meet The Crew

Owner of One Hip Mom Vicki Robinson. I'm the lucky one that gets to work with so many wonderful and talented people. My mom and I started this business in 1991, four years later I had my precious son Carter. Needless to say I did not put the hours into growing the business in those earlier year so that's exactly why I'm so grateful for all the time my mom worked endless hours. She retired several years back and as Carter grew older I could put more time into the business. That's when we changed the name from Our Accessories to One Hip Mom and started the website. Then in 2013 we expanded the business to included our boutique located only minutes from my home which allows me to work on the business and interact with customers on a regular basis. My husband and I are know enjoying our empty nesting years!


Jennifer Antar mom of 3 does it all! She has been a blessing since she started in 2018, full of ideas and so good with the execution of these ideas. #1 with our social media pages, sales, travels to market shows and to buying markets. 


Arianne Jiral mom of 2 joined the team in 2019. Arianne has shopped with us for 10+ years so she was well versed in our products! Shes in sales at our boutique, market shows and travels to out of town markets.



Happy mom Kelly is sales associate at market shows. Previously Kelly and her husband owned Hawaiian Retreat Day Spa where OHM sold our merchandise before we opened our store front. So, considering that Kelly has been working with us since 2006. When Kelly is not working here she enjoys running with a local running group, rides motorcycles with her husband and most of all enjoys being Lolly to her beautiful grandchildren.


Blessed mom of 3 always dynamic and a joy to be around, Tiffany enjoys putting outfits together and helping customers find items they may not have chosen on their own. Tiffany is a sales associate at our market events, local and out of town. When Tiffany is not working with us she is building her photography business and is an Independent Distributor at LifeVantage Corporation.


Lucky mom of 2. Janet has been with us from the beginning. When we just started the business and could not afford to pay anyone, she would help us out in exchange for merchandise. Janet does everything fast-- she can ring up sales, make suggestions, set up booths and tear it down, and you better get out of her way cuz shes doing it quickly. When she is not working with us, she is a teacher of the visually impaired in Denton Texas.