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About Us

About us

Our Philosophy

There is one constant for all busy moms--time flies at the speed of life, and there aren't enough hours in the day. For many moms, fashion takes a back seat (and rightfully so), but at One Hip Mom, we feel strongly that you can be a good mom and stay chic. So we do the legwork for you and pick the oh-so-stylish clothes and gotta have em' accessories that make you look trendy and feel good. You're just a click away from fun fashions, fabulous jewelry, chic sunglasses, soft blankets, candles, bags, plus much, much more.

The Company

One Hip Mom is the natural evolution of a business that has been delivering the goods since 1991, formerly known as "Our Accessories." We started hawking our wares at small neighborhood shows and eventually graduated to larger venues like Junior League Markets and country club shows. Every November, you can find us at the annual Houston Nutcracker Market, where we have ranked in the top 10% in sales for many years! Keep an eye on our upcoming shows page to see where we'll be next. Our #1 Brand is SPANX by Sara Blakely. We have sold thousands of products from Spanx since we started carrying the line in the fall of 2018, making One Hip Mom a top-tier boutique for Spanx!!

Our Nutcracker Market Story 

Long before our business was large enough for us to consider having a booth at The Houston Nutcracker Market, we were Market shoppers.  When our company began to grow, we felt ready to apply.  After applying, it took seven years until we were finally accepted!  When we received "the phone call" in 2000, we couldn’t have been more excited – we jumped, hollered, and celebrated excitedly. We didn’t celebrate for long, however, knowing we had to get down to business and start preparing for our first year at Nutcracker. That first year was everything we hoped it would be and more. With every year that passed, we learned more about the market and our business. We indeed came to understand and respect why we didn’t get invited the first seven times we tried. It made us work harder on our business, and we are much better at it today. We are One Hip Mom and have now participated in The Houston Nutcracker Market for 20+ years and have worked our way up to a beautiful 60' center aisle booth located near the information center.

One of the things we love seeing over the years is the different generations of daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends that make this an annual outing. We have the pleasure of seeing attendees year after year who fly in from all over the US to be a part of this extraordinary experience!

One Hip Mom carries affordable casual clothing, jewelry, and gifts for busy moms. Our designs are simple, fun, and classic yet trendy enough to pique the younger generation's interest. Until 2013, we were a seasonal business and only sold at markets. In 2013, We opened a boutique in Klein, Texas, located on Spring Cypress. Through the Houston Nutcracker Market, we have gained many new customers who now shop with us at our boutique.  Being involved in a market this size, with customers from all over, has given us a great perspective on what the customer wants – and doesn’t want. We wouldn’t be as successful as we are today without the help of the Houston Nutcracker Market.


The Owner

Vicki Robinson loves fashion. Her adrenaline gets pumping when she's able to find the perfect piece after months of research, knowing that she's saving other moms like her time. Armed with a Fashion Merchandising degree and years of experience as a buyer for a women's clothing boutique, Vicki has an uncanny ability to find pieces that make you look and feel hip. The ultimate goal is to bring you what's cool, trendy, and just right...putting the hip back into Mom!